Testing Your Pool Water by Leslie’s

Leslie’s Pool Supplies – Boca Raton, Florida

Do you own a pool? How do you clean your pool? Where do you buy your pool supplies or pool goodies? Remember, it’s important to keep your pool clean and sanitized.

Leslie’s Pool Supplies has free testing for you to know what your pool needs and they have all the supplies you need to maintain your pool. They also have all the fun toys you can think of. 

Whether its this beautiful Boca Raton location or your local Leslie’s store, their staff is always so helpful. If you live in your pool, like my family and I do, then you must go to Leslie’s and see for yourself! Check to see if you have a Leslie’s Pool Supplies near you! CLICK HERE FOR STORE LOCATOR

To get started for your FREE water test, bring your water in weekly and make sure all your water levels are safe for you to swim in your pool. The primary reason pool you should your pool water is to ensure that it’s safe for swimming. Testing the water checks sanitizer levels and detects if extra sanitizer or shock treatments are needed.

The staff will provide you with everything you need to make sure your pool is perfect and ready for a pool party! It was very easy for my family and I to start getting our water tested at Leslie’s. They provided a tube that holds our pool water in to then bring it into the store for testing. Their staff member takes your water and gives you a break down of results (see result examples below). Sometimes your pool will not need much product to fix the levels and other times you will be surprised learning what your water needs. Below I share “The AccuBlue Experience” and it is exactly how my visits go when testing our water! SIMPLE AND SMART, I say because I want the water test to be simple and I want my family to be smart having safe water.

The AccuBlue Experience

  • FREE 10-point analysis of water sample
  • Precise results in 60 seconds
  • Customized treatment plan
  • Product recommendations and solutions
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Consultation with a Leslie’s pool care expert

Perfectly balanced pool water

Summer is around the corner and it’s officially pool season! Having a pool party? Going to a pool party? Having a bbq with family around your pool? Make sure to get all your supplies and check your water levels at Leslie’s Pool Supplies near you! CLICK HERE YOU WILL BE HAPPY JUST LIKE I AM! Leslie’s is the best place to go and test your water, FOR FREE!

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