Naples Grande Resort

Looking for a much needed family vacation?! Look no further because the Naples Grande Resort with the family for the ultimate trip. The staff at the resort from the moment you arrive, to checking in, house keeping, servers, bartenders, the list can go on and on; went above and beyond! The location is the best spot when traveling to Naples, Florida. This resort offers; golf, spa, pool with a slide and service, restaurants, coffee shop, lobby bar, convention center, and even more! Truly there is something for the whole family!!


So, if you are looking to travel to Naples, Florida – make sure to check out Naples Grande Resort. You and your family will love the amenities this resort has to offer. Head to my Instagram page, CLICK HERE and follow me plus take a closer look and check out the highlight on my feed labeled “Naples Grande”.


JW MARRIOTT – Grande Lakes Orlando

If you are heading to Orlando with your family, now is the perfect time to check out the newly renovated and beautiful JW Marriott in Grande Lakes Orlando! From the moment you walk into the resort you see the most stunning water fountain and gorgeous lobby.

Now for the BIG news! Their stunning newly renovated FAMILY SUITE is available! The room consists of a suite PLUS a room with bunk beds and another bed. This is the ultimate family suite. We had the best time just hanging in our room!

If you are a pool family, run don’t walk to the JW pool/lazy river! The river is so fun and the pool is beautiful. PS: in the upcoming months there will be even more exciting changes to this beautiful area!!

Did you know this resort is connected to the beautiful Ritz Carlton, Orlando? Make sure to check out Highball & Harvest for dinner, Bleu for lunch and look into a cabana poolside. Both fabulous experiences we had!

Now the main question is, when are you booking? When you book the Family Suites there are nightly customized amenities as well as custom amenities depending on the ages of your family members!

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Testing Your Pool Water by Leslie’s

Leslie’s Pool Supplies – Boca Raton, Florida

Do you own a pool? How do you clean your pool? Where do you buy your pool supplies or pool goodies? Remember, it’s important to keep your pool clean and sanitized.

Leslie’s Pool Supplies has free testing for you to know what your pool needs and they have all the supplies you need to maintain your pool. They also have all the fun toys you can think of. 

Whether its this beautiful Boca Raton location or your local Leslie’s store, their staff is always so helpful. If you live in your pool, like my family and I do, then you must go to Leslie’s and see for yourself! Check to see if you have a Leslie’s Pool Supplies near you! CLICK HERE FOR STORE LOCATOR

To get started for your FREE water test, bring your water in weekly and make sure all your water levels are safe for you to swim in your pool. The primary reason pool you should your pool water is to ensure that it’s safe for swimming. Testing the water checks sanitizer levels and detects if extra sanitizer or shock treatments are needed.

The staff will provide you with everything you need to make sure your pool is perfect and ready for a pool party! It was very easy for my family and I to start getting our water tested at Leslie’s. They provided a tube that holds our pool water in to then bring it into the store for testing. Their staff member takes your water and gives you a break down of results (see result examples below). Sometimes your pool will not need much product to fix the levels and other times you will be surprised learning what your water needs. Below I share “The AccuBlue Experience” and it is exactly how my visits go when testing our water! SIMPLE AND SMART, I say because I want the water test to be simple and I want my family to be smart having safe water.

The AccuBlue Experience

  • FREE 10-point analysis of water sample
  • Precise results in 60 seconds
  • Customized treatment plan
  • Product recommendations and solutions
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Consultation with a Leslie’s pool care expert

Perfectly balanced pool water

Summer is around the corner and it’s officially pool season! Having a pool party? Going to a pool party? Having a bbq with family around your pool? Make sure to get all your supplies and check your water levels at Leslie’s Pool Supplies near you! CLICK HERE YOU WILL BE HAPPY JUST LIKE I AM! Leslie’s is the best place to go and test your water, FOR FREE!


No matter where you live, whether the temperature is hot or cold, your home should have a Solo Stove! There is so much you can do with the Solo Stove like cook or enjoy making s’mores with friends. They come in different sizes. I own the Yukon. In my opinion, bigger is better. Just keep in mind the bigger the stove the more wood you need to burn a fire.

Here are the three different fire pits! (Photo from

I love how little smoke it lets off because of its double wall feature. It’s light weight and very easy to bring from one place to another. We received the solo stove in May 2021 and it still works just as if it was brand new!

To get yours now – use my code “samantha20” for $20 off now! Head to

Italian Dinner

This post is sponsored by La Famiglia DelGrosso. The opinions and text are all mine.

La Famiglia DelGrosso is America’s oldest family-owned sauce maker. Each sauce provides a delicious and authentic flavor that completes any Italian dish, with whole plum tomatoes right from Italy! It also doesn’t have any added sugar, which is an added bonus for me. I love creating a family favorite dish using La Famiglia DelGrosso sauces. On tonight’s menu: Lasagna using La Familia DelGrosso Sunday Marinara

My guys and I sure do love pasta nights and we have it on the menu very often. I am a huge fan of keeping a dish like lasagna simple, so I opted for the Sunday Marinara variety. A fun fact about the brand: each of the different sauce recipes is created by a DelGrosso family member, which I think is so cool! Henry and William love the DelGrosso Sunday Marinara, my husband prefers the Tomato Basil Masterpiece, and I can’t get enough of the Fireworks Sauce (OH EM GEE – SOOOO GOOD!) The sauces are available at Publix – and there is a promotion valid in the Extra Savings flyer from 11/6 – 11/19


o La Famiglia DelGrosso Sunday Marinara: A delicious classic combination of fresh garden tomatoes and herbs

o La Famiglia DelGrosso Tomato Basil Masterpiece: a sauce full of intense tomato and basil flavor

o La Famiglia DelGrosso Fireworks Sauce (my personal favorite): a delicious blend of tomatoes, zucchini and a bit of spice

o La Famiglia DelGrosso Alfredo Sauce (not featured)

o La Famiglia DelGrosso Puttanesca Sauce (not featured)

o La Famiglia DelGrosso Vodka Sauce (not featured)

o La Famiglia DelGrosso Pizza Sauce: the perfect sauce for homemade pizza night



+ 6-8 sheets of lasagna (depends on depth of pan)

+ 1 Jar of La Famiglia DelGrosso Sunday Marinara

+ 3 cups ricotta cheese

+ 4 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

+ ½ cup grated parmesan cheese

+ 1 egg

+ 1 tablespoon olive oil

+ Salt and pepper

+ Fresh basil


  1. 1. Preheat oven to 375F
  2. 2. Cook lasagna noodles in salted boiled water according to packaging, then drain and rinse them in cold water. Try to keep the noodles from sticking.
  3. 3. Mix egg and ricotta cheese together in a bowl.
  4. 4. Using any pan of choice (my pan 4×12), layer sauce and noodles in an even layer. Spread ricotta and egg mixture with mozzarella. Continue to do this until all noodles are used.
  5. 5. Cover the lasagna with the pan top.
  6. 6. Bake for 30 minutes covered, then bake uncovered for 15 minutes.
  7. 7. Top with fresh basil and parmesan.
  8. 8. Pair with a delicious salad of choice (Caesar, Italian, house) and fresh bread! Enjoy.

This recipe is a family favorite. We like to keep it simple with the Sunday Marinara, but you can customize this recipe to please your family’s taste. Switching out the Sunday Marinara with any of the other DelGrosso sauces would be a delicious twist on this classic lasagna.

Family Style at Loews Miami

The family and I arrived at the Loews Miami, in Miami Beach ending our summer 2021. Of course the long drive of 45 minutes turned the two boys in a funky mood and Ben and I were ready for a much needed vacation. From the moment Ben drove up the driveway area of the hotel we found ourselves in paradise. The hotel entrance was beyond stunning and the kids ran over a huge fish tank, with endless fish and sea creatures. The family and I had the ultimate vacation experience in Miami Beach. 

COMPLIMENTARY PHOTO SESSION: When you stay at the Loews Miami, you and your family or party can book a 45 minute photo session. You take photos all over the hotel property and the beach! Felipe made the experience so easy, especially with the kids. The photos will be cherished forever.


WHAT MAKES THE LOEWS MIAMI POOL PERFECT FOR FAMILIES? There are many areas you can choose from to set up your family for the day. We made sure to take time on the chairs and enjoyed drinks and food pool side! There are plenty of shaded spots and umbrellas for sunny spots. The pool entrance is 0 and that is the best for babies and toddlers. The shooting water was so fun for the boys, they ran back and forth for the longest time! If you don’t bring pool toys, there is the perfect shop you can have your kids pick out something. Also if you forget or lose sunglasses (I lost mine) you can purchase sunglasses at the shop for an amazing price ($20!)

WHO SHOULD BOOK A CABANA AT THE LOEWS MIAMI? If you are looking for an area that is air conditioned, private, and personable than you must book. When you are out all day at the pool and beach, having a private bathroom with a shower, doesn’t beat it! Your booking includes a lounge chairs, beach chairs, two story area, and so much more. For booking click HERE.

BREAKFAST AREAS: You have two choices on property, grab and go or sit down. We experienced both and I highly recommend both. At the grab and go you must get the homemade pop-tarts, OH EM GOODNESS!!! Then at the sit down there is a buffet or menu option. We choose the buffet because kids eat free with the adult fee and there was everything on menu (minus eggs benedict) which was just perfect for our family!

WHY CHOOSE AN OCEAN VIEW ROOM? Why not, do you want any other view than the beautiful ocean? No, its beyond perfect. We had two beds and a crib, plus a balcony. It fit our family just right.

If you are heading to Miami Beach, family or not – check out the Loews Miami. There are options for everyone and endless fun! Click HERE to book your next stay or check out more details from the hotels website.

Photo Credit: Focal Point Experience

Perfect Danone Oikos Blended Nonfat Greek Yogurt at Publix

This post is sponsored by Oikos Greek Yogurt. All thoughts and opinions are my own. AD

This is such a busy time of year. A time that I get excited for, but also need to find something easy for me to eat! I am getting the boys ready to go back to school, I myself am getting ready to go back to school, and I am still maintaining all that goes on in the home. And on top of all that is going on, there are still activities and sports. It truly never ends with a full house. I do love it all and it’s my favorite time of year. I absolutely love the beginning of the school year.

There is no better way to get my breakfast, snack or lunch needs taken care of than with the help of Oikos Greek yogurt. I am obsessed with Oikos new Oikos Blended Nonfat Greek Yogurt! It is made with creamy, fresh milk sourced only from family-owned farms. With flavors like Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry and Plain there is a flavor for everyone. Each fruit flavor is packed with 50% more real fruit chunks than previous Oikos Greek Yogurt.

So why do I love the New Oikos Blended Nonfat Greek Yogurt – Well they believe the best ingredients make the best yogurt and I totally agree. They are non-GMO Project Verified yogurt. Made with fresh, creamy, cool milk. From family owned farms. Not too sour. Not too sweet. Simple. Good. Joy. That is a total win for me! Let me break down my favorite three below!

Blended Greek Yogurt Oikos – THIS IS ANYTHING BUT PLAIN! I mean that. The flavor is perfect to eat just on its own, but feel free to add granola or fruit. Since it is mango season, my go-to fruit is mangos, so I have been placing them in my Oikos plain yogurt. IT IS SO GOOD!

I cannot say “VANILLA” too loud in my house. My boys come running for the Oikos Vanilla bean yogurt. Truthfully, I need to hide them because they will eat the four back in one to two days. The vanilla makes me think of dessert and it is just perfect.

LOADED WITH REAL STRAWBERRY – Oh yes, it is sure is! This cup of goodness is just perfect as it is. I love that I don’t have to worry about added fruit and can grab this on the go for break, lunch or snack.

I just love to grab an Oikos Blended Nonfat Greek Yogurt whenever I am in my busy seasons, like now! I just grab it out of my fridge, pack it in my bag and that’s it! It is super easy and quick. To be honest, you don’t even need a spoon if you have a fork. IT IS THAT PERFECT. You can keep it simple or add whatever toppings you would like. Ultimately my favorite is adding fresh mangos to the Blended Greek Plain Yogurt. It’s seriously amazing and it really does help start my day or give me a much-needed pick me up during the day.

If you have a Publix near you – the next time you are going – make sure to pick up these amazing yogurts by Oikos. Especially the new Oikos Blended Nonfat Greek Yogurt. You will be very happy you did and make it your own or keep it the way it is.



What type of rule do you live by: No shoes or shoes in the house? Our family likes to take off our shoes when we walk into the house through our mudroom. However, when we have guests over we never ask them to take off their shoes. I truly can understand someone asking me, but I have never been asked to take mine off in someone’s house. As you can see we have light rugs in the boys rooms and their bathroom. I want to keep these rugs as clean as possible. That means NO EATING in their rooms either. HOWEVER, as a mom of boys and just in general as a mom, I need to keep these rugs in the best condition. Since these are “Shag” rugs, I believe this is very helpful for the boys, especially in the bathroom. Shag rugs are a good addition to a bathroom as it absorbs water easily and aesthetically pleasing. However, it also needs to be deep clean regularly to prevent mold and bacteria growth, especially if you will place it in a damp environment. I am truly obsessed with these gorgeous rugs in both Henry and William’s rooms and their bathroom. I hope you love them as much as I do. Stay tuned for more updates in the boys rooms in the next few days!! #markandday

Williams Rooms
Henrys Room
The Boys Bathroom

Naturally It’s Clean

Naturally because it formulas are powered by plant based enzymes!

As a mom I find it more helpful when I include the boys to clean. I choose a day when the weather is rainy or just too hot to go outside. It is the perfect time to ask the boys “do you want to help mom clean” and surprisingly Henry always says “YES”. That is because he wants to do the spraying and I am all for him using the sprays from Naturally It’s Clean. All of their products are safe for children and that is a huge win for me. Overall Naturally It’s Clean products are non-toxic to people, pets and the environment. They do not release harmful gases of any kind. They’re non-toxic, non-caustic, and safe for human, animal, and plant life.

Here are the products I currently are using:

Laundry Stain Remover: Laundry Stain Remover breakdown stubborn food, grass, blood, grease and oil stains. Use: Mix 8 capfuls with 24oz of water, shake, spray dry surface, soak, scrub & rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Multi-Surface Cleaner: MY FAVORITE, as I use this for everything. It works on any surface and I don’t have to worry if I am using the wrong spray. Use on walls, floors, granite surfaces, cabinets, and Furniture. Use: Mix 8 capfuls with 24oz of water, shake, spray, soak, wipe or scrub.

Carpet: Ernie sometimes has accidents and this spray breaks down difficult pet stains and foods! USE: Spray the spot, let stand for 10 minutes, blot and lightly scrub with dry towel or soft brush. Repeat until clean, then blot to dry.

Floors: Cleans and deodorizes all hard surface floors including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, marble and all natural stone, vinyl, cork, bamboo, linoleum, concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, and brick. MIXING — One ounce per gallon. Each 24 ounce bottle of concentrate makes 24 gallons of ready-to-use Floor cleaner. Use — Mix 4 capfuls (1 oz.) with 1 gallon water in a bucket, clean with mop (well wrung out for hardwood), no rinsing needed.

Mildew: Use on plants and even animals!! I use this on our plants. USE: Spray, let stand for 5 minutes, scrub with a sponge or brush, repeat until clean, rinse with clean water.

Toilet: Well we all know how toilets get and this stuff works! USE: Flip the spout open (hook fingernail under raised ridge near top of spout and pull upward), invert bottle over bowl, squirt an even coating around the bowl, scrub with toilet brush, flush to rinse. Try an abrasive pad on stubborn stains.

Check out Naturally It’s Clean products here. They are available on AMAZON!


HighKey’s Costco Florida Launch

Are you in Florida? Are you a Costco member? Well listen up because HighKey Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies now being sold in Costco stores across Florida!!! These mini cookies are a favorite in our house because they are so delicious and the perfect snack Low in Carb. They are also KETO friendly, but you sure do not need to be Keto to enjoy these.

Best snack when pool or beachside!

Here are some KEY points for HighKey Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies:

Gluten Free – Zero gluten or gluten containing ingredients.

No Added Sugar – No cane sugar or corn syrup

3g Protein

For my Keto Readers:

12g Total Carbs – 2g Dietary Fiber – 9g Erythritol = 1g KETO CERTIFIED NET CARBS* Per Serving

Now head to Costco and grab these goodies! They are our go-to in the house as a snack and always on the go. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? Also HighKey has more flavors, but Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are now being sold in Costco stores across Florida.

For more information head to HighKeys website: