What’s your JEAN style?

I have a hard time shopping for jeans, but I do think I found the perfect company to shop for jeans now. i&j denim jeans are a new jean company and I am loving their jeans. They have two kinds on the market right now called Pandora (boyfriend style) and Candela (skinny style). They build the brand on the belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful while being an absolute boss. 

In my opinion they are affordable, comfortable, and beautifully-fit. I can see myself wearing these jeans during the days on the go in flats with the kids at the park or just on a grocery run. Then I can see myself wearing them for nights out with wedges and heels. I am wearing size 28 in both jean style and I cannot figure out which one I love more. I LOVE THEM BOTH FOR DIFFERENT REASONS! The skinny jeans fit perfectly on my legs and have a style of “wow these are nice jeans” and I do think the Pandora jeans runs a little on the bigger size, but it is very comfortable and fitting. I feel very confident in these jeans and believe in this company for the reasons they started.

Right now for their start of their amazing company, they have an amazing promotion going on: Now through 3/22 in which customers receive 50% off their second pair of jeans – this equates to 2 pairs for roughly $200 (not including tax). 

Candela – (Skinny i&j denim jeans)
Pandora – (Boyfriend i&j denim jeans)