William and Henrys baskets for Easter 2021.

I am so excited to see the boys faces on Easter. I think it is important to give something little and a fun basket to the kids. As they are younger, you can even reuse the baskets. They will not remember for a while! I love to place books for the holiday in the basket, that can be used for the following year. The books from Zonderkidz are inspired by imagination and innovation. They are perfect for ages 12 and under. If your family is looking for more great gift ideas from The Berenstain Bears brand, check out their store on Amazon by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/BerenstainBearsGifts

This is the perfect story that describes the real meaning of Easter. Easter is not just about candy and egg hunts, but this story explains the true meaning of Jesus and how he was resurrected! Perfect to listen as a child or read as an early reader.
Do you go to Church? This story explains the bears going to church on Easter. It has a fun treasure hunt included in this story too. Its a fun book to listen as a kid or read as an early reader.
Who loves puzzles, fun, activities, STICKERS?? This is the perfect book and my favorite. The boys are going to love opening this book because they will be able to do the activities, color, and play with the stickers. THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!
Who loves to cook for the holidays? This book provides holiday recipes for all the holidays. From just making popcorn fun, to smoothies, cookies, sloppy joe’s AND SO MUCH MORE. If you have a kiddo who loves to cook, this is the book for them no matter the age.
Do you remember your very first Easter? Mine wasn’t too long ago as I did not grow up celebrating Christian holidays, but I do remember Henrys first Easter three years ago. This book is the perfect way to understand a family of bears and the way they celebrate Easter. Great for kids ages 4-8.

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