HighKey’s Costco Florida Launch

Are you in Florida? Are you a Costco member? Well listen up because HighKey Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies now being sold in Costco stores across Florida!!! These mini cookies are a favorite in our house because they are so delicious and the perfect snack Low in Carb. They are also KETO friendly, but you sure do not need to be Keto to enjoy these.

Best snack when pool or beachside!

Here are some KEY points for HighKey Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies:

Gluten Free – Zero gluten or gluten containing ingredients.

No Added Sugar – No cane sugar or corn syrup

3g Protein

For my Keto Readers:

12g Total Carbs – 2g Dietary Fiber – 9g Erythritol = 1g KETO CERTIFIED NET CARBS* Per Serving

Now head to Costco and grab these goodies! They are our go-to in the house as a snack and always on the go. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? Also HighKey has more flavors, but Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are now being sold in Costco stores across Florida.

For more information head to HighKeys website: https://highkey.com/

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