What type of rule do you live by: No shoes or shoes in the house? Our family likes to take off our shoes when we walk into the house through our mudroom. However, when we have guests over we never ask them to take off their shoes. I truly can understand someone asking me, but I have never been asked to take mine off in someone’s house. As you can see we have light rugs in the boys rooms and their bathroom. I want to keep these rugs as clean as possible. That means NO EATING in their rooms either. HOWEVER, as a mom of boys and just in general as a mom, I need to keep these rugs in the best condition. Since these are “Shag” rugs, I believe this is very helpful for the boys, especially in the bathroom. Shag rugs are a good addition to a bathroom as it absorbs water easily and aesthetically pleasing. However, it also needs to be deep clean regularly to prevent mold and bacteria growth, especially if you will place it in a damp environment. I am truly obsessed with these gorgeous rugs in both Henry and William’s rooms and their bathroom. I hope you love them as much as I do. Stay tuned for more updates in the boys rooms in the next few days!! #markandday

Williams Rooms
Henrys Room
The Boys Bathroom

Naturally It’s Clean

Naturally because it formulas are powered by plant based enzymes!

As a mom I find it more helpful when I include the boys to clean. I choose a day when the weather is rainy or just too hot to go outside. It is the perfect time to ask the boys “do you want to help mom clean” and surprisingly Henry always says “YES”. That is because he wants to do the spraying and I am all for him using the sprays from Naturally It’s Clean. All of their products are safe for children and that is a huge win for me. Overall Naturally It’s Clean products are non-toxic to people, pets and the environment. They do not release harmful gases of any kind. They’re non-toxic, non-caustic, and safe for human, animal, and plant life.

Here are the products I currently are using:

Laundry Stain Remover: Laundry Stain Remover breakdown stubborn food, grass, blood, grease and oil stains. Use: Mix 8 capfuls with 24oz of water, shake, spray dry surface, soak, scrub & rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Multi-Surface Cleaner: MY FAVORITE, as I use this for everything. It works on any surface and I don’t have to worry if I am using the wrong spray. Use on walls, floors, granite surfaces, cabinets, and Furniture. Use: Mix 8 capfuls with 24oz of water, shake, spray, soak, wipe or scrub.

Carpet: Ernie sometimes has accidents and this spray breaks down difficult pet stains and foods! USE: Spray the spot, let stand for 10 minutes, blot and lightly scrub with dry towel or soft brush. Repeat until clean, then blot to dry.

Floors: Cleans and deodorizes all hard surface floors including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, marble and all natural stone, vinyl, cork, bamboo, linoleum, concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, and brick. MIXING — One ounce per gallon. Each 24 ounce bottle of concentrate makes 24 gallons of ready-to-use Floor cleaner. Use — Mix 4 capfuls (1 oz.) with 1 gallon water in a bucket, clean with mop (well wrung out for hardwood), no rinsing needed.

Mildew: Use on plants and even animals!! I use this on our plants. USE: Spray, let stand for 5 minutes, scrub with a sponge or brush, repeat until clean, rinse with clean water.

Toilet: Well we all know how toilets get and this stuff works! USE: Flip the spout open (hook fingernail under raised ridge near top of spout and pull upward), invert bottle over bowl, squirt an even coating around the bowl, scrub with toilet brush, flush to rinse. Try an abrasive pad on stubborn stains.

Check out Naturally It’s Clean products here. They are available on AMAZON!


HighKey’s Costco Florida Launch

Are you in Florida? Are you a Costco member? Well listen up because HighKey Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies now being sold in Costco stores across Florida!!! These mini cookies are a favorite in our house because they are so delicious and the perfect snack Low in Carb. They are also KETO friendly, but you sure do not need to be Keto to enjoy these.

Best snack when pool or beachside!

Here are some KEY points for HighKey Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies:

Gluten Free – Zero gluten or gluten containing ingredients.

No Added Sugar – No cane sugar or corn syrup

3g Protein

For my Keto Readers:

12g Total Carbs – 2g Dietary Fiber – 9g Erythritol = 1g KETO CERTIFIED NET CARBS* Per Serving

Now head to Costco and grab these goodies! They are our go-to in the house as a snack and always on the go. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? Also HighKey has more flavors, but Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are now being sold in Costco stores across Florida.

For more information head to HighKeys website:


William and Henrys baskets for Easter 2021.

I am so excited to see the boys faces on Easter. I think it is important to give something little and a fun basket to the kids. As they are younger, you can even reuse the baskets. They will not remember for a while! I love to place books for the holiday in the basket, that can be used for the following year. The books from Zonderkidz are inspired by imagination and innovation. They are perfect for ages 12 and under. If your family is looking for more great gift ideas from The Berenstain Bears brand, check out their store on Amazon by clicking this link:

This is the perfect story that describes the real meaning of Easter. Easter is not just about candy and egg hunts, but this story explains the true meaning of Jesus and how he was resurrected! Perfect to listen as a child or read as an early reader.
Do you go to Church? This story explains the bears going to church on Easter. It has a fun treasure hunt included in this story too. Its a fun book to listen as a kid or read as an early reader.
Who loves puzzles, fun, activities, STICKERS?? This is the perfect book and my favorite. The boys are going to love opening this book because they will be able to do the activities, color, and play with the stickers. THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!
Who loves to cook for the holidays? This book provides holiday recipes for all the holidays. From just making popcorn fun, to smoothies, cookies, sloppy joe’s AND SO MUCH MORE. If you have a kiddo who loves to cook, this is the book for them no matter the age.
Do you remember your very first Easter? Mine wasn’t too long ago as I did not grow up celebrating Christian holidays, but I do remember Henrys first Easter three years ago. This book is the perfect way to understand a family of bears and the way they celebrate Easter. Great for kids ages 4-8.

What’s your JEAN style?

I have a hard time shopping for jeans, but I do think I found the perfect company to shop for jeans now. i&j denim jeans are a new jean company and I am loving their jeans. They have two kinds on the market right now called Pandora (boyfriend style) and Candela (skinny style). They build the brand on the belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful while being an absolute boss. 

In my opinion they are affordable, comfortable, and beautifully-fit. I can see myself wearing these jeans during the days on the go in flats with the kids at the park or just on a grocery run. Then I can see myself wearing them for nights out with wedges and heels. I am wearing size 28 in both jean style and I cannot figure out which one I love more. I LOVE THEM BOTH FOR DIFFERENT REASONS! The skinny jeans fit perfectly on my legs and have a style of “wow these are nice jeans” and I do think the Pandora jeans runs a little on the bigger size, but it is very comfortable and fitting. I feel very confident in these jeans and believe in this company for the reasons they started.

Right now for their start of their amazing company, they have an amazing promotion going on: Now through 3/22 in which customers receive 50% off their second pair of jeans – this equates to 2 pairs for roughly $200 (not including tax). 

Candela – (Skinny i&j denim jeans)
Pandora – (Boyfriend i&j denim jeans)

Will Yoobi My Valentine?

If you are looking for the best stationary for kids and who am I kidding, adults alike, than Yoobi is for you. The best part of their company is for every Yoobi item purchased, they will donate a school supply item to a child in need right here in the U.S. A company that give back, has a heart of gold. We are huge fans of Yoobi products. As a mom and educator I cannot get enough of each and every of their stationary product they have. For valentines day there is nothing better than receiving supplies for your kids and Yoobi has got you covered. Check out all the fun goodies that can be given alone or better yet together in a basket!

Have you ever seen Yoobi products? Check some out below that are perfect goodies for Valentines day.

16 Piece Heart Activity Set

Mini Gel Pens

Spiral Notebook, College Ruled – Aqua Grid Heart

Mini Ballpoint Pen with 10 Clickable Pens

So remember this – When You Buy — Yoobi Gives.

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